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Elder Things by kaijulord21 Elder Things by kaijulord21

Height: 2 meters

Alignment: Earth Defenders

Long before the dinosaurs or even the mighty Dinozords, our near barren world was colonized or at least the great northern areas, by the super intelligent beings known only as Elder things. These beings went about building a great and beautiful city on what is today Antarctica. Mainly scholars and architects or other non-hands on trades, they genetically engineered creatures called SHOGGOTHS, to do the mundane and laborious tasks they themselves could not, but eventually these Shoggoths developed primitive minds and rebelled against their masters but the rebellion was quelled but this was only the beginning of the Elder Things troubles. Soon after the trouble with the Shoggoths the creatures called The Great old Ones arrived and set about conquering the world and the Elder things and another super smart race, the YITHIANS, banned together to try and stop them( mainly CTHULU and his spawn and allies) eventually the battle was ended and peace made at the moment but the thing that would eventually defeat the Elder Things was not an invasion from afar but the advancing ice that would cover their massive cities and drive them into secluded parts of the world to hibernate til they were needed to guide any other race that would claim dominion over the Earth. Elder things are peaceful beings if not a hair bit prejudice, as they think most creatures should be as smart as they and should follow their example, some of the ancient Elder things awoke in the mid 20th century and eventually aligned themselves with G-force in the late 1990's. Surprisingly they were the first to jump to the defense of Godzilla saying the following

" This ancient saurian you have dubbed Godzilla, is no mere monster as he is a monument to the foolishness of humanity who sought to destroy their own kind and your attempts to eradicate him will only hasten your premature destruction as a species, for with out him and his kind the world will surely fall".

Elder things look like conical, winged crustaceans with 5 eyes sometimes more and have four to eight tendril-like claws which serve as hands. Elder things have an ancient resentment for the MI-GO creatures.


- genius intellect, little else

baragon2001 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2009
you can see these guys in hellboy 2 movie in the BPRD headquarters and in the backround at the troll market
carpenocturne Featured By Owner May 5, 2009  Student Filmographer
I must see that movie now that I know this!
baragon2001 Featured By Owner May 6, 2009
thou they dont have wings you will see one wrestling with BPRD agents in the BPRD and a couple in the troll market one eats a farie
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